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Orlando 10-20-Life Crimes Attorney

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While it’s not specific to Florida, the 10-20-Life law is the benchmark upon which many criminal cases are viewed, and it determines the way courts handle your case. It may sound confusing at first, but it can be boiled down to one simple sentence: “It enforces minimum sentences in the State of Florida.” Should the crime you are committed for be severe enough, you are looking at a minimum of ten years in prison, hence why it is the minimum level for that crime. There is no exception to this rule, as it is legally part of the crime you committed.

It’s commonly thought that this only applies to crimes that are considered fairly serious or worse, and this thought would generally be true. This is not a law that applies to smaller every day crimes; it’s instead intended to be for those who have done something that warrants a very severe punishment. Due to their nature, an experienced criminal lawyer is integral to give you the results that you need. Since you’re already facing serious charges because of the crime itself, there’s no need for the punishment to exceed what it needs to, as it could severely impact your future in many ways. There are some pieces of information that you should know about this law, and Whitney S. Boan is here to present that to you.

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How Does the 10-20-Life Law Work?

As mentioned, this statute pertains to the total sentence that you will serve. For instance, if you possessed a firearm or another potentially destructive device while committing another crime, you will be facing a minimum sentence of ten years in prison. That doesn’t mean it can’t go beyond that number, but this crime specifically carries with it a minimum of ten years. Should you be found committing a felony while carrying this firearm or device, your stay is immediately bumped up to a twenty year period. Lastly, if your weapon discharges and injures or kills another individual, you will be looking at a life sentence.

Why is This Law Criticized?

It may seem as though this is a fairly reasonable legal process, but there have been many cases where individuals believe their rights are being unfairly encroached upon. To use the prior example, there have been moments where a misdemeanor or small felony was committed with possession of a firearm. However, there was never any intent to use said firearm, or the individual was unaware that they had it on their person to begin with. In these times, there has been significant criticism of the law, as this small technicality can turn a slap on the wrist into a ten year sentence. However, because of this, there is a lot of opportunity for an experienced lawyer to help you fight the punishment you are facing, and possibly have it removed altogether.

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