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Orlando Racketeering Attorney

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Racketeering (R.I.C.O.) cases are just about the most difficult cases to defend, because of what they entail. They always involve an illegal organization that gains money or supplies in a manner in which they shouldn’t. The idea for this crime is hard to grasp for many, but one of the easiest ways to think about this charge is to imagine the mob as we have been shown. Typically they perform criminal acts to maintain control, drugs, or money in any capacity, and they are sustained by these actions.

R.I.C.O. is the act that was established by the United States government in the early 1970’s. R.I.C.O. stands for the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, and its main goal is to take down illegal and otherwise shady businesses and groups that qualify. They work intensely to take down these elite groups each and every day, and if you’ve been convicted of racketeering, you will need to get a highly experienced criminal attorney immediately, or you will face severe jail time for your crimes. While these are rare cases, Whitney S. Boan has extensive history dealing with them and has served other individuals accused of similar crimes in the city of Orlando, Florida.

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Who is Charged?

Due to their nature, these are very complicated cases to pin down, and it’s even harder to determine who is specifically at fault. The reason for this is that there are typically a large number of individuals involved that make the entire operation work, and as a result they all have to be looked at as a individual cases. Finding out who to charge is a matter of definition and technicalities in most cases. RICO statutes typically target those who commit organized crime like bribery, murder, arson, dealing in controlled substances, and more, but the law can extend to other things like money laundering, tax evasion, bank fraud, or other financial crimes. Ultimately, if you’re part of a racketeering offense, it’s important that your representation knows your role and whether or not you can be charged for the entire offense.

How Can You Fight Racketeering?

If there is concrete evidence, there’s really a very low chance for your innocence, and fighting the case is nigh impossible. When this happens, individuals who are “high up” in the organization’s ladder will face very lengthy sentences behind bars. However, if you were involved with a group but didn’t know that they were in the act of performing crimes to maintain their business, then you have an opportunity to prove that. Due to their size, it’s fairly common that individuals don’t know that they are part of racketeering cases until it’s too late and they are facing years in prison or huge fines.

Fighting against the charges is simple as long as you have concrete evidence proving that you weren’t directly involved or didn’t intend to commit a crime. Often times a large amount of people are convicted at once, and if you were caught in the middle of a catastrophe with no meaningful association, you can fight in a court of law. All you need by your side is an experienced attorney. Schedule a hearing and contact Whitney S. Boan. She’ll stand by your side and help you fight this battle.