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Orlando Posts Conviction Relief Attorney

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

If you’ve already been through an initial trial, and attempted a criminal appeal, you have one last resort which is post conviction relief. This is something made available for citizens in the State of Florida who still feel as though they haven’t reached the result that they believe to be the correct one. Going through with a post conviction motion is something that is very rarely done, because many believe that the previous steps have proven their guilt. However, if you still feel as though you have been improperly convicted, be sure to speak to an experienced attorney like Whitney S. Boan. By having a professional evaluating your case, you can be assured whether you should seek to file the motion or not.

You want to have your representation right beside you so that you can ensure it will be handled effectively and promptly, and with professionalism. In addition, it’s important to know that if you do not file for a post conviction relief within a short period after your appellate case, they will not proceed with it. Occasionally exceptions are made, but the chances are severely rare. These motions are typically not heard, as it takes time and effort on the part of the courts, who have already found you guilty twice before. However, if you’re working with professional representation that has provided significant evidence for another hearing, they will grant it.

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How Do I Gain Post Conviction Relief?

Like with appellate cases, you need to have a reason for the courts to grant you another hearing. The main reasons that people are typically granted these motions are as follows:

  1. If you were denied a fair trial: this can be a result of a wide range of factors, from an unjust jury to a biased judge. Whatever the case may be, if you can prove that your original case or the appeals case weren’t fair, then you have a very good chance that your request will be granted, and you have another shot at your freedom.
  2. New evidence has arisen: This is perhaps the most common reason that we see people seeking one last shot at the proper verdict. Should new evidence come to light after the appeals process, you have the eligibility to have your case looked at once more in a court of law. If the evidence is deemed significant enough, you have a better chance that your motion will pass and you will be granted one last opportunity.
  3. The sentence didn’t make sense: Were you sentenced to a period of time in jail that is considered unreasonable or against state laws in general? If this is the case, you have a chance to seek one last time in court. An attorney can aid you immensely here, as they know the sentences surrounding just about every crime in the State of Florida.
  4. The plea was not properly made: Your plea may not have been allowed freely. As long as you and your representation can prove this, then your post conviction relief is available.

As mentioned earlier, this is a time-sensitive process. If you do not apply within a short period of time, then you will lose any opportunity to represent yourself. Speak with Whitney S. Boan today and seek redemption from the court of law. You still have a chance, don’t waste it by giving up.