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Orlando Criminal Appeals Attorney

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

A criminal appeal can make or break your life. Your initial case has ended in an unfortunate ruling; maybe the defense that was built for you forgot a crucial element and you ended up being found guilty on a technicality. This doesn’t mean that you are out of luck, as there’s still the appeals process if you truly believe you have an opportunity to be found not guilty. We typically only see these happen when there’s a serious charge at stake such as homicide or drug cases, and not for cases where the crime warrants a ten day stay in jail, or a small fine.

Deciding to hire an appellate lawyer is a difficult task for anyone. Many people skip the process because they feel they have put in a significant amount of effort already, and they were found guilty. Therefore the chances of the same verdict feel high and there’s no point to appealing the ruling. This is a myth however, and having an experienced criminal lawyer like Whitney S. Boan on your side can mean the difference between a serious punishment and an acquittal.

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When Should I Appeal a Case?

Do you feel as though you’ve been put in a position where an incorrect verdict was issued and your life will be damaged or destroyed as a result? In instances like this, it’s integral that you seek out proper legal representation, and bring with you all of the evidence at your disposal. The unique aspect to appeals is that you can take a look at the first level of defense and see what went wrong or what aspects worked; this gives law firms a significant advantage to build your defense.

What Can I Appeal?

In the State of Florida, there’s no restriction to this process other than the original judges determination. If the presiding judge allows for it, within thirty days of your initial verdict you have the ability to decide to go through this process. The most commonly seen appeals are: error on jury selection, correct an illegal sentence, reduce a sentence, and withdraw a plea. The names of each of these indicate what their purpose is.

How Can I change What Happened Last Time?

As mentioned earlier, many people feel like this process is pointless after an initial verdict was ruled guilty. However, by using that first experience, you can learn from it and work towards creating an even stronger second case and hopefully a successful verdict. One of the single best things you can do is work with a professional lawyer that knows the laws surrounding your particular case very well.

Whitney S. Boan has been serving clients just like you in the city of Orlando for a long time with incredible success. She is highly trained in this field, and can help you to reach a positive second verdict. Whether you’re looking for an appeal to correct an incorrect sentence, or want to withdraw a plea, our law offices can help you. All you need to do is call us, and we’ll support you in every way imaginable. Remember, you have thirty days after the initial ruling to schedule, so time cannot be wasted.