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Orlando Fraud Attorney

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

With the advancements in technology, the ways to commit deception have continued to grow, and because of this, the methods of defense have had to develop and adapt to protect those who are accused. The instances of fraud have continued to grow gradually over the last few years, and Florida law enforcement takes a very strict approach to cracking down on those who are found guilty of such acts. Whitney S. Boan has spent a great deal of her career focusing on the various ways someone can be accused, and as such the methods of criminal defense that would need to accompany those accusations.

At Whitney S. Boan, P.A. in Orlando, FL, your needs take a priority. Your case is serious to us, and as a result we are here for you when you need us. All you need to do is call: (407) 413-9569

What types of fraud need criminal defense?

It’s a word that has been spread thin, but because of its prevalence, there are more ways to go about taking advantage of the system. Perhaps the most common types of fraud are the following:

  • Marriage
  • Mortgage
  • Investment
  • Mail
  • Identity

As mentioned, the one thing that these types all share is that they are taking advantage of certain systems in order to make gains. In the case of marriage, it’s most often that one of the parties is using the institution of marriage in order to evade immigration law. And while the rest all have their intricacies that separate them, the same concepts apply. By omitting or misrepresenting important information, by appropriating the identity of another, or simply by gaming a system for personal gain; these are the staples of criminal fraud.

What do you do after an arrest?

Your first steps after being apprehended should be to find proper representation. This is not an issue that precludes itself to self-representation, so take the time to research a qualified attorney who has experience specifically in this field. The construction of a great defense is integral in these cases because the prosecution is often times very aggressive, and any holes will be exploited and attacked. Whitney S. Boan has taken the time to research all of the various methods of defense, which allows her to build a better case for you. You need someone who will be able to see the loose ends that you may not be able to, because these threads will be pulled by a prosecutor.

The punishments are severe, and there would be a permanent stain on your future should you be convicted. Fraud can cause serious problems for you in leading a normal life, so you want to be able to not only reduce your criminal charges, but potentially have them removed altogether. An experienced lawyer will be able to do just that, and they will work with you to lead you down the right path. There’s no need to bear all of the stresses by yourself; there are those who have more than enough history to be able to take the stress off your shoulders.