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Orlando Murder Attorney

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

There are few convictions more damaging to one’s life than murder or homicide. In the State of Florida alone, there’s a significant chance that you will be facing upwards of fifty years to life behind bars. If you’re facing these dire consequences, and haven’t spoken to a criminal defense attorney already, there’s no time to waste; you need to get in touch with one immediately.

There’s more at stake than just fines and/or jail time. Your entire future is on the line, from both a social standpoint, and any potential employment in the future. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced violent crimes lawyer such as Whitney S. Boan. Her history defending individuals facing murder charges has given her unique insight on ways to tackle your case. Knowing the ins and outs of Florida State laws will help to build a substantial defense which in turn helps ensure that your rights are protected.

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Different Degrees of Murder

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident, you could be facing one of three potential charges, each with increasingly more severe punishments. Regardless of what you’re facing, it’s advisable to seek out a professional who has dealt with a wide variety of cases so that they can bring that wealth of knowledge to craft your defense. The levels of murder are:

  • Third Degree
  • Second Degree
  • First Degree

While still a serious crime, third degree murder is charged when you are found having accidentally killed someone while committing an entirely separate crime. For example, if you’re breaking into a home with the intent to steal, and the homeowner falls down the breaks their neck falling down stairs as they attempt to apprehend you, then it’s considered a third degree charge. Intent or not, this is a probable cause situation, and you could be prosecuted.

When it comes to second degree and first degree, there’s really only one true difference, and its premeditation. If you kill another without any reason, or had no intention of doing so, it’s classified as murder in the second degree. Often referred to as “capital murder,” a first degree charge is by far the worst of offenses. Simply killing another person is crime enough, but this crime indicates that there was prior intent before the actual incident. You will be considered fully in control of your faculties, and there’s no chance that there’s anyone else to blame.

Every one of these carries with them very severe punishments, but that doesn’t mean they have to come to fruition. A strong defense can mean the difference between life behind bars and a much less stringent penalty (or a complete dismissal altogether). Do not hesitate to contact Whitney S. Boan, because the sooner she begins working on your case, the more evidence there can be to help you achieve the goal you want. Get in touch with a highly experienced homicide attorney today by giving our offices a call.