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Orlando Assault & Battery Attorney

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

As with any major crime, there are unique elements that make each and every case different; for this reason there is not one guaranteed method of defense, but there are things that can be done in order to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Your future is in your hands, and it’s in your best interest to find an experienced violent crimes lawyer who will work with you and figure out the best course of action for your case. Whitney S. Boan has been practicing in Orlando for a few years, and has helped people just like you in hearings regarding assault and battery. Get in touch with our offices today to start building your defense.

At Whitney S. Boan, P.A. in Orlando, FL, your needs take a priority. Your case is serious to us, and as a result we are here for you when you need us. All you need to do is call: (407) 413-9569

What are the Differences Between Assault and Battery?

While both of these carry different punishments on their own, there is always the possibility that both will be charged simultaneously. However, it’s important to know what separates these two charges and how they can work together to give you a severe penalty.

Assault, in a court of law, is considered intimidation without any physical contact in any way, shape, or form. The integral element is whether or not the victim in question faced significant levels of fear or psychological damage as a result of your threats. It’s very common that assault precedes battery, but it doesn’t have to. If you’re found causing someone to feel as though their life or well-being is at stake, you can be charged for assault. Depending on what is being threatened, you may be subject to standard or aggravated levels of this punishment.

Should you have gone beyond the threat, and acted upon it, causing physical harm to another, you are subject to a battery charge. There doesn’t have to be any preceding action, as a fight or brawl between individuals can qualify. As with the above, there is a secondary level of battery which is considered aggravated. In this case, the act is far more severe, often causing semi-permanent damage to another.

Since both are separate crimes, when they are combined, the penalties become far more severe. You could be facing years in jail with a very hefty fine depending on the circumstances of your incident. If you’re facing one or both of these charges, it’s in your best interest to seek out a professional lawyer who has a history in cases similar to yours.

Take all of the evidence compiled against you and present it to an attorney like Whitney S. Boan. By presenting all angles as they come to light, and revealing all aspects of your incident, we will be able to accurately create a stronger defense. Do not attempt to take on your own defense, as there are particular elements or holes that you may not be aware of. Not only will she be able to point out the weak points in your case, but she’ll be able to turn those against the prosecutors and ensure that your future is protected. Don’t hesitate to call us today, because time is of the essence.