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Orlando Kidnapping Attorney

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

In the State of Florida, there are few crimes that are taken as seriously as kidnapping, and as such the punishments that accompany it are some of the most severe you can be subjected to. The process of taking a child and holding them against their own will, you may very well face life in prison. If you’re facing charges for kidnapping, it’s integral that you seek out the most experienced attorney who can create your defense. Without a lawyer on your side, you have very slim chances to get the freedom that you want; this is because there are often many technicalities that the layman is incapable of knowing without experience. Whitney S. Boan has this history, and can help to create the best defense for you, and can prevent you from facing the serious charges against you.

How is Kidnapping Classified by the State of Florida?

There are a few main factors that play into kidnapping cases, such as level of restraint, degree of kidnapping, whether any threats were made, if there was movement of the victim, consent of the victim, and whether the victim was a minor. While many of those terms are very clear by their name, there are some that remain foggy in the eyes of the law. It’s important to know the technicalities that surround some of these terms.

When looking at restraint, the individual obviously has to be restrained against their own will with no way to escape. In the State of Florida, just restraining an individual is a punishable offense. So while there may be no attempt to actually kidnap another person, restraint is its own crime.

As far as kidnapping degrees go, the State of Florida will charge you with jail time no matter what degree you are being charged. You can serve up to life in prison if you are found committing another crime during the kidnapping. Not only will a large fine be in order for the most basic of cases, but some level of probation and time served is required. The punishments grow depending on the circumstances surrounding your incident. If you’re found taking a child, then it is classified as parental kidnapping, and if found guilty you will face up to life in jail.

Most of the other terms are fairly clear. If you made threats that caused the victim to feel significant psychological trauma, then you are going to face much more severe punishments. Meanwhile, if the victim allowed you to hold them on their property, this cannot be held against you, however if they fought then you are going suffer very stringent penalties.

If you want someone who will work beside you, who will aid you in a court of law and help create the best defense possible, then you need look no further than Whitney S. Boan. She has experience handling many different kinds of kidnapping, and while all cases are unique, she can bring that insight to give you some more depth to your defense. Call us today and start the process, time is of the essence.