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Orlando Cannabis Cultivation Attorney

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

In the United States, there’s an increasing push to legalize the sale of marijuana. However, in the State of Florida, there are still incredibly strict penalties for those caught cultivating or “manufacturing” cannabis. We are a zero tolerance state, and as such there are few things more damaging than being found in possession, even more growing. This extends to the intent to grow, so should you be found with seeds planted, but no fully grown plants, then you are subject to the same potential charges.

Should you have been convicted of cultivating cannabis, you’re likely going to face up to five years of jail time, and potentially have a fee of up to $5,000. For this reason, it’s vital that you reach out to an experienced drug crime attorney such as Whitney S. Boan; she’s spent a good part of her time practicing defending all manner of cases. This diversity allows her to have a wide variety with which to build your case, because every incident is different, but knowing the ins and outs of the law can mean the difference between a successful defense and a conviction.

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Possession vs. Cultivation

As mentioned, the state has a very stringent policy when handling possession of drugs in any manner. Depending on the amount you’re found carrying, you could be seeing severe punishments. However, it’s important to know that these charges are combined yet separate from cultivation charges; in other words, if you’re found growing plants in any state, you’ll face both types of crime. There are some caveats to defense however.

Is it a “Controlled Substance”?

This is perhaps the easiest to defend, as it’s rather cut and dry. Often times prosecutors will immediately consider the plant in question as a controlled substance, but that doesn’t always line up. The arresting officer may have mistaken the plant, and you’re being wrongfully charged.

Prior Knowledge

In some instances, we’ve encountered clients who have been arrested while under the pretense of growing marijuana, yet they had no prior knowledge. It’s possible that the evidence was staged, or that a roommate has being doing so without notifying you; in either case, there may be an opportunity for you to be absolved of your charges entirely. After all, if there is enough evidence to prove you had no intent, then you cannot be found guilty.


This is an extension of the prior instance where you are associated with someone who is found growing marijuana. If you’re in the building at the time of the arrest, you too will be found as part of the plot. You may have no intent whatsoever to grow cannabis, and you may never have been involved. In these cases, you have a very strong defense allowed to you that you need to take advantage of.

An experienced attorney such as Whitney S. Boan can look at all sides of your situation and determine the best route to defend you. It’s your goal to be found not guilty, and through her efforts you may see a lessening of charges, or potentially an acquittal. There are many ways to defend cultivation of marijuana, but they take a keen eye to be able to pinpoint. Don’t let time go to waste, let us take your case and build a defense as soon as possible; we want to bring you the results that you deserve.