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Drug Trafficking Attorney

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

In the litany of drug crimes that you can be arrested for, there are none more serious than trafficking. The State of Florida has a stance of zero tolerance whenever there are narcotics involved, and as such this is a charge that is highly punishable. The reason for such stringent punishments is that trafficking encompasses possession, and intent to sell, both of which are separate crimes with their own charges; add those together and throw an additional level on top, and you’ve created an entirely new and severe crime. Should you be facing trafficking charges, it’s imperative that you seek an experienced drug crime lawyer such as Whitney S. Boan.

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Plan of Action

From the moment of your arrest, the clock starts ticking. It’s important that in the early stages that you find someone who will represent you in a court of law. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, there are elements that only a lawyer with valuable trial experience will be able to pinpoint and use to craft your defense. The earlier in the process that this can be done, the better, as more and more evidence will come to light as the case progresses; being on top of all manner of defense before more details come out can mean the difference between your guilt or innocence.

Despite assistance from a legal representative such as Whitney S. Boan, the moment you’re accused of trafficking, you’ll be sent to jail. It’s not uncommon for bonds to exceed $100,000, which severely limits how much help you’ll be able to receive. The reason why an attorney can help you here is that they can assist in lowering that bond level, depending on the severity of your crime. Should you be facing very serious accusations, it’s unlikely that you’ll see much change, but there’s always that opportunity. You’re going to have a hearing, and it’s far better if you’re able to await that time while not being behind bars. In addition, you’ll be able to sit with your representative to work together in crafting your defense, which can take weeks or months to get cemented.

What Qualifies as Trafficking?

There are various levels to consider when determining whether or not you are considered for this offense. Perhaps the most important aspect is the weight. Anything above 25 pounds qualifies, but there are varying degrees, as up to 2,000 pounds carries a different and less severe penalty than if it exceeds that amount. Simply being found in possession of either cannabis or another drug doesn’t qualify, so if there’s a question as to the official weight of what you’re found with, that can go a long way in crafting your case.

Fighting these charges aren’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. By getting in touch with an attorney who has a history with cases like yours can help you avoid punishment or lessen what you’re facing. Whitney S. Boan defends you aggressively, and with a keen eye on the best practices for you. Don’t delay, get someone on your side, and you’ll be on the path to a better future.