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Can I move if I am on probation in Florida?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

Well, oftentimes it’s very achievable for individuals to move while they’re on probation being supervised in Florida. You need to speak with your probation officer to ensure that this is something that even they’re willing to recommend that you be able to do, and to ensure that the proper procedures are followed by probation to effectuate your ability to move your supervision to another state. There’s an interstate compact regarding supervising probationers between the states that are inside the United States of America. However, while that gives certain rights to individuals to be able to move to other states if you do not follow the proper procedure it may result in your probation becoming revoked or the minimum an affidavit being filed a probation officer seeking a warrant for your arrest.

If you have any questions about this you should speak with a lawyer to determine whether or not you can move to another state and if so, how you need to go through the process of making sure that you notify probation correctly, get their permission, and then move at that point in time after you understand what you’re doing and have had the advice of a lawyer.