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Can probation be revoked in Florida?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

Probation can be revoked in Florida under circumstances where you have committed a willful and substantial violation of either what’s called the technical or the substantive terms of your probation. The technical terms could include things like you’re reporting on a monthly basis as instructed, you’re providing notification if you move from one address to another, if you change jobs, if you fail to pay things that you’re supposed to pay relative to your probation or your case. The term substantive violation usually refers to new criminal offenses that you’ve been accused of that could form the basis for the violation of your probation. A probation officer can seek to have your probation revoked or violated even if there’s not actual sufficient grounds for a judge to find that you violated your probation and that you’re appropriate for revocation of your probation. Speak with a lawyer to determine whether or not you should seek to fight any alleged revocation of your probation, or to see what, if any, defenses you might have in the course of that process if it’s already been alleged that you have violated your probation.