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Can text messages, emails, or Facebook posts be used to prove threatening conduct against me in court?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

All of those materials could be used against you in court if you make threats in any manner through those mediums. In other words, if you’re saying things that are threatening to another individual you should not assume that you have some sort of immunity or protection by virtue of doing it through a text message or an email. For one thing, an individual who feels threatened very well may use that information as the basis for seeking an injunction for protection against you on the basis of your stalking them or believing that you’re stalking them. Furthermore, however, the police can gain access to that information most certainly if you give them consent to do so, but also if they get a warrant and they’re able to get into your email or your phone. You need to speak with a lawyer to determine what if anything you may have already done that may expose you to future legal problems or to mitigate any potential risk that could occur down the line.