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Are criminal records ever automatically expunged in Florida?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

Expunge means that as a function of law, that your criminal arrest basically not ceases to exist, but is not public record. That you under most circumstances, with some exceptions, if asked could say that you were never arrested. For adults, this never happens sheerly by virtue of resolution of a case where a case is dropped. In other words, you need to speak with a lawyer because very likely in order to expunge a criminal arrest record, you would need to have a lawyer assist you in filing a Petition to expunge your record and seeking an order from the court doing so. While that’s something that you could certainly look into on your own, it would be preferable that you speak to a lawyer to make sure that you’re doing it correctly, and to make sure that any rights that you have are protected throughout that process to achieve your ultimate goal.