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What is the difference between deferred adjudication and probation in Florida?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

In Florida, what you’re more likely to encounter are situations where you are offered something like what’s called pretrial Diversion, or pretrial intervention, as opposed to something called, defer adjudication. Probation is something that occurs when someone has been sentenced to a crime. Probation is a mechanism by which an individual is monitored, and kept tabs on, in other words, by a Probation Officer, as a result of already being sentenced relative to a crime. Whereas, pretrial diversion, or pretrial intervention, may encompass some manner, or aspect, of supervision of that individual, but you may have never been convicted of a crime, and you may never be, if you successfully complete such a program after being referred to it. If you have questions about whether, or not, you would qualify for pretrial diversion, or pretrial intervention, you should immediately contact a lawyer what he, or she, can tell you about this.