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This is the first time I am in trouble in Florida. Will the prosecutor treat this charge like it is my first offense?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

If you’ve already been in trouble in another state, the State Attorney’s office is going to know that you’ve had prior criminal convictions or arrests potentially based upon a search through an NCIC, which is the national data base that governs the data collect for crimes, arrests, convictions, etc. whether or not you committed a crime for the first time in Florida or not may not be controlling as to whether or not you’re treated like a first time offender. Also, if you’ve had charges that have even been dropped before, that may weigh on what the prosecutors decide to do with your case. First time offenders for certain more minimal, less serious offenses may qualify for certain programs or sentences that would be only available for first time offenders. You should speak with a lawyer to determine whether or not any of those programs or sentences would be available to you or be something that you could look into in terms of resolving your case if you feel that that’s appropriate.