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Does it matter where I was arrested, like near a school, in determining how I am charged?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

If you’re charged with a drug offense or maybe even some other similar offenses that are drug related, or even maybe even trespass or presence on a property such as a school or a park after hours, it can effect not only the type of criminal charge that you might be charged with, but it could also effect the severity or seriousness of the punishment that you could be exposed to for the charge, especially when it comes to charges alleging dealing in drugs. School property, public property such as parks, can easily, under Florida law, raise something that might be already a serious felony to an even more serious felony to which you could be exposed to a lot of prison time. Speak to a lawyer immediately to figure out whether or not you’re exposed to heightened penalties or punishments because of where you were alleged to have committed a crime.