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What are the myths and facts about domestic violence?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

The biggest myths about domestic violence usually involve where people think I got in a fight with my girlfriend or my boyfriend or I got in a fight with my wife or my husband and we’ve since made up. They don’t want me to be prosecuted. People believe that when that happens that their case may just go away. That’s a big myth. What’s more likely to happen is that before any case could go away based upon someone’s deciding they don’t want to prosecute you that the prosecutor will evaluate the case. They will determine whether or not they want to proceed on it, even if that individual who claimed they were battered doesn’t want to cooperate. The state has the ability to do that, especially in situations where there’s any allegation of there being an independent or third party witness. You need to speak with a lawyer to figure out what the real truth is about the laws surrounding domestic violence battery charges before you do things that could expose you to future and further criminal liability.