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Why do I have no bond in my case?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

If you’ve been arrested and there’s no bond set in your case, you need to immediately consult with a lawyer to determine whether or not that is a decision that was appropriately made either by law enforcement, the jail or a Judge at an initial appearance. There are certainly charges in Florida for which you may not be constitutionally or statutorily entitled to a bond; however, even in those situations which usually include more serious crimes where you’re facing life in prison or even the death penalty, even in those cases you may still have the opportunity to have a bond set for you. There are certainly situations where you may have no bond set and you even are constitutionally entitled to a bond. However, I would again advise that you speak with a lawyer immediately so that a lawyer can advise you whether or not you should have a bond set or can have a bond set, even if you don’t have one currently.