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My offense is minor. Do I really even need a attorney or can I just handle this on my own?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

While in theory you can handle something on your own, in other words, you’re not required to have an attorney, it’s a good idea to still consult with a lawyer and probably retain one, because while you think your offense is minor, we have many habitualization statutes in Florida, which means that if you have a minor offense. If you down the line are accused of a similar or another minor offense that could qualify you for habitualization, even if you’re not guilty of that offense, the stakes are going to be a lot higher. You need to understand how it can affect your criminal record for background checks. You need to understand what the long term implications are. I would always advise still speaking with a lawyer and figuring out what’s best for you before making that decision unilaterally.