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The police want to get my side of the story. Should I give a statement?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

The best rule of thumb when you’re in doubt is to not speak to the police. While the police may certainly present to you that your telling your side of the story may be helpful to you, they are allowed to say any number of things to you to try to get you to speak to them within the law. You should not trust the police to be your legal advisors about whether or not you should give up your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. You need to speak with a lawyer who can act on your behalf in deciding whether or not it’s appropriate for you to speak to the police, what you might say and under what circumstances, if any exist at all. The better rule of thumb is to keep your mouth shut and exercise your right to remain silent, then speak to a lawyer and let them sort it out.