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Am I subject to asset forfeiture in drug possession or drug dealing cases?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

You may be in terms of what the police decide they want to do, or what they believe they can do. If that happens, you need to talk to a lawyer immediately to decide whether or not you should pursue getting your property back either through a formal adversarial process or even through negotiations with the police department on the attorney’s behalf. Whether or not the police believe they can do it or not is not actually the same as what the law is governing forfeiture and seizure or asset forfeiture in drug cases.

What’s actually required under Florida law is that whatever is being forfeited or seized by law enforcement was used as an instrumentality in the commission of a drug related offense. If you have questions about that, which you should if you’ve been exposed to it, please call a lawyer and figure out more about it with the help of a professional.