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What is burglary?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

In Florida, burglary is defined in a couple of different ways. The more traditional way that people would think of is, “Someone’s breaking into my home or my car, and that, therefore, is a burglary.” However, under Florida law, the unlawful and unwelcomed entry into any premises, whether it be a home, a car, a business, or some other structure without that person’s permission and with the intent to commit a crime therein could cause you to be guilty of the offense of burglary or, at a minimum, to be accused of it. In addition, the other theory under which Florida law allows someone to be convicted of burglary is if an individual, even if invited into a premises remains after that permission has been revoked, remains there with the intent to commit a crime, that person could also in theory be prosecuted and convicted of burglary.

You should contact a lawyer if you’ve been charged with burglary, accused of burglary, or think that you may have even done something that could potentially constitute burglary to decide what, if any, legal rights you have at this point in time and what a lawyer can do to help you.