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What is the role of the prosecutor?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

The role of the prosecutor is that the prosecutor is the individual who is trying to have you be convicted of a criminal offense. In other words, the prosecutor is an individual who is employed by the state, or the government, in order to protect the interests of the state, protect the interests of the federal government, in as much as seeking a conviction. They are not your lawyer. They are an adversarial party, or the party against whom your case will be litigated. They have separate and distinct interests that are very conflicting with your interests if you’re a defendant in a criminal case. However, their motivation is to seek a conviction, or to seek justice in the form of not seeking a conviction, trying to drop the case, trying to work your case out to something that they believe is equitable in serving the interests of the state or the federal government.