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Why did I have to post bond?

Whitney S. Boan Protecting Your Right

Video Transcript

In Florida, the judge at an initial appearance or even if you have a bond set before an initial appearance will determine whether or not a bond is appropriate to secure your appearance throughout the process of your criminal case. Meaning that, a bond is usually set to make sure that you don’t blow it off and that you’re going to appear in court as required to see your case through to the end, to get to trial, but also to the court dates that would happen before trial such as an arraignment or pre-trial conferences.

If you’ve already posted your bond, then that money is very likely not recoverable especially if you’ve paid through a bondsman, unless your case is resolved and that money can be returned to you at a later point in time. However, if you’ve not posted bond yet, I would advise that you immediately speak with a lawyer to determine whether or not your bond could be reduced potentially, or whether or not the bond is something that could be completely circumvented in the form of having you really stand your own recognizance in appropriate circumstances.