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Are Red Light Cameras Actually Protecting the Public or Just a Revenue Source?

By Traffic Ticket

In a recent interview with Fox News, I spoke about the legitimacy of red light camera systems. For many Orlando drivers, seeing that flash at a red light is very stress inducing. To make matters worse, you are forced to wait, day by day, until you receive a letter. Most people are unaware of exactly who is behind the red light cameras that we all have come to loathe.

A private company is in charge of building red light cameras all across the country. They are also behind those letters that you receive, ordering you to pay them immediately. Receiving this letter, whether you were aware of your infraction or not, is a very stressful situation to be in.

Did you know that these red light cameras aren’t as safe as you were led to believe?

A study done by the Florida Department of Highway & Motor Vehicles found some interesting facts concerning red light camera systems. Their report found that intersections with the red light cameras actually saw an increase in reported crashes for 2015-2016! Rear end crashes, the kind involving no serious injuries, increased by 11%. However, the more shocking statistic is when we look at injury-inducing crashes. What this report found was that there was a 27% increase in injury crashes at intersections with red light cameras.

If intersections with red light cameras are causing more wrecks to occur, who are they really protecting?

Perhaps, the private companies, who are funded by money received for violations are the most protected. It is said that these cameras are put in place to protect the public. Higher amounts of crashes at intersections with these cameras seem to be protecting no one but the pockets of private companies.

Isn’t it strange that we pay a private company for a law infraction, instead of actual law enforcement?

Changes in weather conditions, the amount of traffic, and length of yellow lights are all variables that can lead to you running a red light. One-tenth of a second, the time it takes a yellow light to change to red, is all it takes for a private company to presume your guilt. Don’t let a private company continue to earn money from you. If you have received a letter in the mail, ordering you to pay a hefty fee, give our office a call right away.

If someone is going to run a red light, it is unlikely that a camera will stop them. In many situations, the person that has planned to run a red light isn’t going to stop and check for a camera. The accuracy of a red light camera, in determining who exactly is driving, is a heated source of debate in courtrooms across the country. The presumption of red light cameras accuracy is a topic that has been fought against for years. If you were found at fault, don’t let a camera be the judge and seal your fate, let your voice be heard!

Received a red light ticket? Contact me today and I will stand in your corner. Talk to a traffic lawyer who has handled many cases involving red light cameras.